Patented process to create dynamic iridescence pictures

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Chromescence® presentation

100 lpi - 350 µ lenticular material glued to the paper cover

Alternately left and right vue

In reality render is iridescent silver metallic.


The screen is doubly ill-suited to present Chromescence effect realistically :

  1. It doesn't allow to display the iridescence effect.

  1. and you can't live the dynamic visual experience when the observer and / or the support move.

Contact us for samples to complete this presentation.

Chromescence® with 150 lpi - 260 µ lenticular material

Geometric patterns, texts

1:1-scale photo 

In reality render is metallic copper and silver

100 lpi - 350 µ lenticulair material

Colored pattern

Alternately left and right vue

Chromescence® examples