Patented process to create dynamic iridescence pictures

Chromescence® goal

Enhance your product by offering a new aesthetic that captures attention with its unique visual dimension.



Iridescent picture is created using a moiré effect.


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A video screen is not intended to restore the iridescent colors.

So you can not experience Chromescence® on this web site, unfortunately. 

However some videos let you understand the Chromescence® dynamics dimension. 

Neither the camera that captured this butterfly

nor the screen on which is displayed his picture

can manage the iridescent colors.


It’s iridescence that gives butterfly wings their beautiful colors.

This precious effect occurs when our both eyes see different hues or luminosity simultaneously.

Chromescence® is a simple and innovative process that reproduces this optical phenomenon to many substrates.

> This invention is patented in Europe, the United States, Canada , Japan, and China. 


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