Patented process to create dynamic iridescence pictures

Do you know what moiré effect is ?

It's the interference that appears naturally when two comparable microstructures are connected together.

This phenomenon is common for example with curtains. Patterns and figures emerge and gradually change depending on draughty, fleeting and randomly.

Interference (moiré effect) between two microstructures made up of lines


With Chromescence® moiré is magnified to the point of being  the core of   the image creation process.

But in many areas related to the image (capture and restitution) moiré is rather an annoying artifact that should be avoided.

It's critical for :

• Printing, where screens  angles  are chosen such as they don't interfere together.

• Digital cameras, where the matrix  sensor can interfere with repetitive structures of the image (high frequencies).


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Working principle

Tame the moiré effect

Chromescence® simplest principle uses two microstructures made up of lines to create the visual you want by moiré.

Add the iridescence effect

When both microstructures are bonded together our two eyes receive the same image, and there is currently no iridescence. To this end there are two solutions :

  1. leave a space between the microstructures
  2. or use a lenticular sheet


In a broad way Chromescence® involves two microstructures separated by a transparent substrate.

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Marilyn Monroe created by moiré between two microstructures

composed of lines (Chromescence process)

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